Safety Data Sheets

Now we will redirect you to an external Website.

Please follow the link below and choose the language you prefer for this site. Please use the Material Name as Search Method and click “Display”.

The site with the Safety Data Sheets will open. A filter can be applied to each column and will return any record that contains the value that was entered. Type a value in any of the textboxes displayed at the top of the columns and press “Enter” on the keyboard to filter the results. Please note :

  • A wildcard search can be performed by using “%“ in place of one or more characters.
  • In the column „Document“ you can choose the region for which you need the SDS, e.g. SDS EU for Europe or SDS US for the United States
  • Please choose the language of the SDS. Please note that we offer two English versions: EU English = European English; English = US English

Please click here: Borchers Safety Data Sheets