2017 Borchers acquired by The Jordan Company

2015 OM Group Inc acquired by Apollo Global Management, LLC

2011 Acquisition of Rahu catalytic

2011 Acquisition of Vaccumschmelze (magnetic technologies)

2010 Acquisition of EaglePicher (battery technologies)

2008 Acquisition of Rockwood electronical Technologies

2007  Borchers becomes part of OM Group

2000 VOC free thickeners, MEKO free antioxidants and tin free catalysts

1990-1999 First development of water emulsifiable and high solid driers,
first presentation of  cobalt free driers

1986 Aquisition by Bayer

1974 Acquisition of Nuodex France (and renamed to Borchers France)

1960 Extension of portfolio with other paint additives

1920 Start with production of siccatives (driers)

1807 Foundation Gebr. Borchers AG