Zirconium drier for water- and solvent-based systems

  • Physical Characteristics

    AppearanceColorless liquid
    Metal contentZr: 12 %
    Non-volatile contentNA
    Specific gravity1.03 g/cm3 (25°C) ASTM D 1963

  • Features

    • Highly efficient secondary drier
    • Promotes through-drying properties and are used in combination with cobalt, manganese, Borchi® OXY-Coat and other surface driers
    • Improves through dry in oxidatively cured coatings primarily by the formation of coordinative bonds when hydroxyl and carboxyl groups are present
    • In comparison to other secondary driers, zirconium has better properties in terms of color, yellowing and stability

  • Applications

    • Water- and solvent-based systems

  • Dosage

    In conventional alkyd formulations, the Zirconium drier addition is between 0.05 – 0.30 % metal based on the vehicle solids of the coating and will vary depending upon the composition of the binder.

  • Storage

    Protect from the effects of weathering and store at temperatures below 50 °C. Once opened, containers should be resealed immediately after each use

  • Safety

    Please refer to our safety data sheet for information relating to product safety.