HEUR Rheology Modifier for the High Shear Range / Paints and Coatings

Borchi® Gel 0434 is a HEUR rheology modifier (Hydrophobically modified Ethoxylated Urethane copolymer rheology modifier) with excellent thickening efficiency. This solution works well as a high shear range thickener for improved rheological profiles in coatings. Borchi® Gel 0434 is a non-ionic, polyurethane-based additive for water-based coatings systems. It is glycol ether-, tin- and VOC-free.


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Benefits of HEUR Rheology Modifiers for the High Shear Range

Borchi® Gel 0434 promotes good gloss and flow and leveling properties in paints, inks, and adhesives. This HEUR thickener yields spatter resistant coatings with outstanding brush/roller application properties and good physical properties in paint formulations. Borchi® Gel 0434 improves water sensitivity, prevents sagging, and quickly develops high shear thixotropy. This solution provides excellent hiding power for coatings.


HEUR rheology modifier for high shear range paint and coatings

Styrene acrylic paint for interior/exterior use



Borchi® Gel 0434 is recommended for latex paint dispersions and water-based coatings systems in the high shear range. It is ideal for general industrial and decorative paints and coatings.

  • Physical Characteristics

    AppearanceOpalescent, middle-viscous liquid
    Non-volatile content19 – 21 %
    pH4 – 7
    Density1.010 – 1.050 g/cm3 DIN 53217 (23 °C)
    ViscosityMax. 15000 mPa.s ISO 3219 (A) (23 °C)

  • Features

    • Effective in developing rheology in the high shear range for latex dispersions and water-based coatings systems
    • Promotes good gloss, stability and leveling properties
    • Yields spatter resistant coatings with outstanding brush/roller application properties and good physical properties
    • Quickly develops high shear thixotropy
    • Tin-free
    • VOC-free

  • Applications

    • Water-based coatings
      • General Industrial
      • Decorative

  • Dosage

    • 0.5 – 4.0% on total formulation

    Pre-thinning is possible but generally not required. The exact dosage should be experimentally determined.

  • Storage

    Protect from the effects of weathering and store at temperatures between 5 and 30 °C. Once opened, containers should be resealed immediately after each removal of the product.

  • Safety

    Please refer to our safety data sheet for information relating to product safety.

Registration :
  • Europe : EINECS
  • Switzerland : EINECS
  • USA : TSCA
  • Canada : NDSL
  • China : IECSC
  • Japan : ENCS
  • Taiwan : NECI