Transparent Iron Oxide Dispersant

Borchi® Gen 1750  provides transparent iron oxide dispersions, achieving ultimate transparency for wood and automotive coatings.

This solution is a high molecular weight, VOC-free dispersant and wetting agent for transparent iron oxide pigments, as well as opaque iron oxides, inorganic pigments and extenders in water-based systems.

Benefits of Dispersing Agents for Transparent Iron Oxides

Benefits include low paste viscosity, high pigment loading, shorter grind times compared to industry benchmarks, fast attainment of finer particle sizes, high gloss, and excellent storage stability. Small particle sizes result in high transparency, and low viscosity grinds allow for up to 40 % pigment loading for transparent iron oxide dispersions. Ultimately, this dispersant provides enhanced color in wood and automotive coatings applications.

Borchi® Gen 1750 has been tested in transparent iron oxide red and yellow pigments, including Cappoxyt Yellow 4212X and Cappoxyt Red 4437B from Ferro Corporation.


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  • Physical Characteristics

    AppearanceLiquid, yellow
    Non-volatile content38 – 42 %
    pH3.5 – 5.5
    Density1.03 – 1.07 g/cm3
    ViscosityMax. 1000 mPa.s

  • Features

    • Specifically designed for dispersing and stabilizing
      transparent iron oxide pigments
    • Excellent with opaque iron oxides
    • Small particle size dispersions producing high transparency
    • Low viscosity grinds allowing for up to 40 % pigment loading with transparent iron oxide pigments and over 60 % with opaque iron oxides
    • Long-term dispersion stability with no settling is possible
      when combined with Borchi® Gel PN or NA
    • Suitable with with titanium dioxide and other inorganic pigments and fillers

  • Applications

    • Coatings
      • Automotive
      • Wood

  • Dosage

    The exact dosage should be experimentally determined through a ladder study. Borchi® Gen 1750 should be added to the
    mill base before adding the pigment. Active pigment loading:

    • Transparent iron oxide: 50 – 70 %
    • Titanium dioxide: 4 – 8 %
    • Inorganic pigments: 5 – 15 %
    • Organic pigments: 25 – 70 %

  • Storage

    Protect from the effects of weather and store at temperatures between 5 and 40 °C. Once opened, the container should be resealed immediately after each use. The material will become cloudy over time during storage at temperatures below 10 °C
    – this doesn’t affect the performance, but the product should be homogenized before use. The cloudiness can be reversed by heating to room temperature or by heating short term to 40 °C (until clear) without affecting the performance of the product.

  • Safety

    Please refer to our safety data sheet for information relating to product safety.

Registration :
  • Europe : EINECS, EU - REACH (Registered)
  • New Zealand : NZIoC
  • China : IECSC
  • USA : Polymer Exemption
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