Cobalt-Free Drier for Improved Drying Time in Alkyd Paint

Borchi® OXY-Coat is a metal-based cobalt-free drier for improved drying time in paints containing an alkyd resin. It demonstrates excellent drying performance at low use levels in solvent-based alkyd paint without the use of an auxiliary drier. It is particularly efficient in coatings using propylene glycol.


better dry times with cobalt-free drier in alkyd paint

Borchi® OXY-Coat provides improved drying time in alkyd paint compared to a cobalt drier in long oil alkyd systems. This catalyst also works in short and medium alkyd systems


This solution is a unique catalyst that is applicable in a wide range of coating systems that dry oxidatively.


Benefits of Cobalt-Free Driers

Benefits of Borchi® OXY-Coat include improved drying time, gloss, and haze in alkyd-based paint. This solution also provides brighter whites and acts as an anti-yellowing agent in coatings. Adhesion is improved in direct to metal applications with the use of this product.

Cobalt-free paint driers are ideal solutions for formulators looking to meet stringent environmental regulations.

According to the Cobalt Institute, cobalt may be regulated out of the coatings industry by 2021. As cobalt is increasingly being labeled as a toxic metal around the world, Borchi® OXY-Coat boasts as a curing solution that does not contain any toxic metals. It is also low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and compliant with Proposition 65 and REACH guidelines.

Borchi® OXY-Coat works well for exterior coatings used in adverse weather conditions. This extends the coatings season window for paint applications. It provides wrinkle-free drying in hot weather and faster drying in cold weather.


 brighter whites and warmer wood tones with alkyd-based paint drier

Color advantages include warmer wood tones, non-yellowing of substrates, and brighter whites in coatings compared to cobalt and manganese carboxylates


cobalt-free drier for adverse conditions

Compared to cobalt carboxylate driers, cobalt-free paint drying additives allow exterior coatings to be used in adverse conditions. They provide improved dry times in a wide range of weather conditions


wrinkle-free drying wrinkle prevention for exterior coatings used in extreme weather conditions

Unlike cobalt alternatives, Borchi® OXY-Coat prevents wrinkling in hot weather, creating a smooth substrate surface


cobalt-free drier direct to metal in adverse weather for exterior alkyd paint

Borchi® OXY-Coat is a better alternative to a cobalt drier in direct to metal applications when used in standard and adverse conditions


improved adhesion in direct to metal coatings

Borchi® OXY-Coat provides improved adhesion due to better cross-linking compared to cobalt alternatives



Ideal applications for Borchi® OXY-Coat include wood, industrial, and architectural coatings, as well as printing inks.


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  • Physical Characteristics

    Appearance Clear brown to yellow liquid 
    Viscosity Max. 200 mPa·s (informative) ISO 3219 (A) (20 °C) 
    Density Approx. 1.04 g/cm3 (informativeDIN 51757 (20 °C) 
    Solvent 1,2-propylene glycol (informative) 

  • Features

    • Cobalt-free drier for alkyd paints that improves drying activity, color performance, gloss and haze compared to cobalt-based driers
    • Brighter whites and non-yellowing in coatings
    • Based on a unique, patented, highly active iron complex
    • Primarily recommended for the use in solvent-based systems
    • Can be used in all coatings which dry by oxidation

  • Applications

    • Coatings with resins that that dry by oxidation 
      • Alkyds 
      • Vegetable oils
      • Epoxy esters
      • Polybutadiene 
      • Others 

  • Dosage

    All resin systems are unique and will require the level of Borchi® OXY - Coat to be optimized for the best cost and dry. We recommend using a ladder study of 0.5 -3 % Borchi® OXY - Coat as supplied on resin solids. Please keep in mind that too much Borchi® OXY – Coat might inhibit through dry. Borchi® OXY - Coat should be added as one of the last ingredients before the Anti-Skinning agent. 

  • Storage

    Protect from the effects of weathering and store at temperatures between 5 and 30 °C. Once opened, containers should be resealed immediately after each removal of the product.

  • Safety

    Please refer to our safety data sheet for information relating to product safety.

Registration :
  • Europe : Pre-registered, EU - REACH (Registered)
  • Switzerland : EINECS
  • USA : TSCA
  • Canada : Allowed under specific conditions. Please contact us for further information.
  • Australia : Registered but currently may be subject to volume restrictions
  • New Zealand : May be used as a component in a product covered by a group standard but it is not approved for use as a chemical in its own right
  • China : Registered but currently may be subject to volume restrictions
  • Japan : Registered but currently may be subject to volume restrictions
  • Korea : ECL
  • Taiwan : NECI