Adhesion Promoter for Paints and Coatings / Metallic Pigments

Borchi® Gen HE is a silicone-free paint adhesion promoter additive designed to enhance adhesion in coatings applied to metal substrates. This solution is recommended for baking paints and primers. Borchi® Gen HE is an oil-free polyester resin solution supplied as 60% in xylene.


Benefits of Paint / Metallic Pigment Adhesion Promoters

Adhesion promoter additives improve the bond between a coating and a substrate, particularly metal substrates.

Borchi® Gen HE improves adhesion, color stabilization, and long-term elasticity of coatings on metal substrates. This solution improves the fixation of metallic pigments in paints. It has no negative influence on weather resistance.

Adhesive materials fill the voids or pores of surfaces and hold surfaces together by interlocking. In order for adhesion promoters to be successful, they must show:

  • Good balance between adhesion and cohesion​ (the sticking together of particles)
  • Good penetration into voids and pores​
  • Low glass transition temperature
  • High elasticity​
  • A balanced grade of tackiness


adhesion promoter additives for paint

Other materials that improve adhesion include substrate wetting additives. These solutions improve the wetting of the substrate during the application and drying of the coating film. Improved substrate wetting leads to better adhesion.



Applications for Borchi® Gen HE include solvent-based baking enamels and one- or two-pack metallic coatings. This solution works well in base coats, top coats, and clear-drying primers. Polyesters provide excellent adhesion for aluminum (alloys), steel, and iron.


Other Solutions

Borchi® Gen HMP – F improves adhesion to metal in water- and solvent-based reactive coatings.

  • Physical Characteristics

    Solids content58 – 62 % ISO 3251 (1g, 1h, 125 °C)
    Viscosity200 – 500 mPa·s DIN 53015 (20 °C)
    ColorMax. 3 ISO 4630
    Acid number15 – 25 mg KOH/g ISO 2114

  • Features

    • Improves adhesion of baking paints and primers on metal substrate
    • Improves the fixation of metallic pigments in coatings
    • Enhances elasticity and color stabilization
    • No negative influence on weather resistance
    • Silicone-free

  • Applications

    • Solvent-based baking enamels
    • Solvent-based one- or two-pack metallic coatings

  • Dosage

    Borchi® Gen HE can be post added or incorporated during production. Trials have shown that an addition of 2 – 5 % on formulation is recommended.

  • Storage

    Protect from the effects of weathering and store at temperatures between 5 and 25 °C. Once opened, containers should be resealed immediately after each removal of the product.

  • Safety

    Details of product safety can be found in our material safety data sheet.

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