Adhesion Promoter

Borchi® Gen HMP-F is an adhesion promoter for improved adhesion to metal in reactive coatings. It is an NMP-free solution that is recommended for water- and solvent-based paints.


Benefits of Adhesion Promoters for Metals

Adhesion promoters increase the bond between a coating and a substrate. Coatings typically do not bond well with metal compared to other types of surfaces, which is why adhesion promoters are needed.

Borchi® Gen HMP-F primarily improves adhesion in baking paints and primers and is highly compatible with most binders. It increases film elasticity and can be used universally.



Ideal applications for Borchi® Gen HMP-F include alkyd baking paints and primers. This solution works well on zinc and aluminum substrates.


Other Solutions

Borchi® Gen HE improves adhesion and long-term elasticity of coatings on metal substrates and adhesion of metallic pigments in solvent-based systems.

  • Physical Characteristics

    Solids content78 – 83 % ISO 3251 (6g, 1h, 100 °C)
    Viscosity1000 – 1500 mPa·s DIN 53015 (20 °C)
    ColorGardner: Max. 3 ISO 4630
    Acid number90 – 130 mKOH/g DIN EN ISO 2114

  • Features

    • Improves adhesion, predominantly in baking systems
    • Highly compatible with most binders
    • Can be used universally
    • Brings about significant improvement in adhesion in alkyd baking paints and primers, even on difficult substrates such as zinc and aluminum
    • Increased film elasticity

  • Applications

    • Alkyd baking paints and primers
    • Difficult substrates such as zinc and aluminum

  • Dosage

    With certain types of titanium dioxide and pigments after-treated with zinc oxide, reduction in gloss may occur during storage of the paint. Borchi® Gen HMP-F is a liquid and is therefore easy to incorporate. In most cases optimum results are achievable with an addition of approximately 2 % relative to total paint formulation. Larger amounts may be added under certain circumstances to improve elasticity. Borchi® Gen HMP-F can be added either during manufacture of the paint or subsequently. lf the additive is to be used in water-based paints, it should first be neutralized. We recommend dilution of Borchi® Gen HMP-F with 20 % dimethylethanolamine.

  • Storage

    Protect from the effects of weathering and store at temperatures between 5 and 30 °C. Once opened, containers should be resealed immediately after each removal of the product. Borchi® Gen HMP-F should be protected from exposure to heat during storage. With prolonged storage, signs of crystallization caused by interactions may become evident.

    These disappear again when heated. These soft crystals also dissolve without impairing the quality of the paint when incorporating the additive into the dispersion and during milling.

  • Safety

    Details of product safety can be found in our material safety data sheet.

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