Cobalt-Free Drier for Excellent Performance at Low-Use Levels in Water-Based Alkyds

Borchi® OXY-Coat 1510 is a metal-based high-performance cobalt-free drier designed for excellent dry performance at low-use levels in water-based alkyd coatings. This curing solution is a unique catalyst that is applicable in coating systems that dry oxidatively. Borchi® OXY-Coat 1510 was a 2021 R&D 100 Award finalist.


This product is available for the Chinese coatings market.


Benefits of High-Performance Cobalt-Free Catalysts

As concerns around cobalt are increasing within the coatings industry, Borchi® OXY-Coat 1510 is a drying additive that does not contain any metals that could potentially compromise sustainability. This high-performance, cobalt-free catalyst is a sustainable alternative to cobalt and other metal carboxylates in water-based alkyds. It further enhances sustainability by providing outstanding dry times, non-yellowing, adhesion, and the ability to be used adverse conditions (thus extending coatings season windows) at low-use levels.



Borchi® OXY-Coat 1510 is ideal for use in wood, industrial, architectural, and protective and marine coatings.



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  • Physical Characteristics

    Appearance Clear yellow liquid
    Viscosity  Max. 50 mPa·s (informative) ISO 3219 (A) (20 °C)
    Density Approx. 1.0 g/cm3 (informative) DIN 51757 (20 °C)
    Solvent Water (informative)

  • Features

    • Improved drying activity, color performance, gloss and haze compared to cobalt-based driers
    • Based on a unique, patented, highly active iron complex
    • Primarily recommended for use in water-based systems
    • Can be used in all coatings with resins that dry by oxidation
    • Outperforms cobalt-based driers

  • Applications

    • Coatings with resins that that dry by oxidation
      • Alkyds
      • Vegetable oils
      • Epoxy esters
      • Polybutadiene
      • Others

  • Dosage

    All resin systems are unique and will require the level of Borchi® OXY – Coat 1510 to be optimized for the best cost and dry. We recommend using a ladder study starting at 1 % of Borchi® OXY – Coat 1510 as supplied on resin solids with a maximum of 10 %. Please keep in mind that too much Borchi® OXY – Coat 1510 might inhibit through dry.

    Borchi® OXY – Coat 1510 should be added as one of the last ingredients before the Anti-Skinning agent.

  • Storage

    Protect from the effects of weathering and store at temperatures between 5 and 30 °C. Once opened, containers should be resealed immediately after each removal of the product. We recommend stirring the product before use.

  • Safety

    Please refer to our safety data sheet for information relating to product safety.

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