Borchi® Shield: MEKO Replacement Anti-Skinning Agent

Borchi® Shield is a MEKO-free anti-skinning agent for use with alkyd coating technology, which includes traditional cobalt driers in solvent-based oxidatively cured coating systems. It is a sustainable anti-skin solution that is specifically designed to work well in high solids, long oil resin systems. Borchi® Shield is an amino / oxime compound dissolved in fatty acid ester. This solution has minimal impact on dry times and provides excellent storage stability.


MEKO Regulatory and Sustainability Concerns in Paint and Coatings

MEKO (Methyl-ethyl-ketoxime = 2-Butanone oxime) is used in anti-skins due to its ability to prevent skin formation in closed containers. It has little or no effect on drying performance. MEKO works well with cobalt primary driers in alkyd paints.


So what’s the problem with MEKO?


The European Union, the Canadian government, and other nations have proposed the reduction of MEKO levels in alkyd paints. Cobalt driers have also faced regulatory pressures in the coatings industry.

Sustainability is increased in alkyd paints with the use of MEKO-free anti-skins and high-performance cobalt replacement catalysts. Contact our EHS and Product Stewardship Director for more information.


         Without Anti-Skin                       With MEKO-Free Anti-Skin

MEKO-free anti-skinning agents sustainably reduce in-can skinning



Benefits of Borchi® Shield Anti-Skinning Agent

MEKO replacement anti-skinning agents like Borchi® Shield are specially designed to prevent skinning in high solids and long oil systems with reduced VOCs. This solution is compatible with high-performance cobalt-free driers.


MEKO-free anti-skin / MEKO replacement anti-skinning agent reduces in-can skinning without affecting dry times or stability

In-can skinning is reduced without significantly affecting dry times or storage stability when using Borchi® Shield anti-skin


Other MEKO-Free Anti-Skinning Agents

Borchers offers several other MEKO-free anti-skin options that work well with our Borchi® OXY-Coat cobalt-free driers for short, medium, and long oil alkyds. These include:



Ideal applications include architectural, wood, general industrial, automotive, and protective and marine coatings.



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  • Characteristic Data

    AppearanceClear, colorless to yellow liquid
    ViscosityMax 50 mPa*s (20°C) ISO 3219 (A)
    Density0.94 – 0.98 (20°C) ISO 2811-2
    SolventFatty acid ester

  • Features

    • Improves the storage stability
    • Controls surface dry retardation and keeps the film open longer to ensure deeper penetration of oxygen
    • Can eliminate excessive dry time retardation with phenolics
    • Works synergistically with Borchi® Dragon

  • Applications

    • Coatings
      • Automotive
      • Industrial
      • Architectural
      • Wood
      • Protective and Marine

  • Dosage

    Borchi® Shield can be added to the system at any stage of the manufacturing process but it is highly recommended to add it as the final addition after driers. Pre-dilution is not recommended.

    The amount of Borchi® Shield depends on the type of binder and quantity of the driers used. Typical amounts are 0.2 to 1.5 % by weight on total formulation.

  • Storage

    Protect from the effects of weather and store at temperatures between 5 and 30 °C.

  • Safety

    Please refer to our safety data sheet for information relating to product safety.

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