Surface Tension Modifier

Borchi® Gol 1473 is a polyether modified polysiloxane surface tension modifier for improved flow and leveling properties and surface smoothness. This flow and leveling agent is VOC-free and works in solvent-based, solvent-free, and water-based coatings systems.


Benefits of Surface Tension Modifiers

Surface tension modifiers like Borchi® Gol 1473 improve slip, flow, and leveling in a variety of coating systems. They act as substrate wetting agents to reduce the surface tension of the liquid.

This additive provides superior surface smoothness by preventing the formation of fish eyes, craters, and pinholes. Borchi® Gol 1473 reduces orange peel, which indicates that an unattractive wavy pattern is visible in the paint. Haze is lowered and the Distinctness of Image (DOI) is improved with the use of this flow and leveling agent. These qualities indicate that coated surfaces are very reflective, which is ideal for high gloss coatings.


Borchi® Gol 1473 contains properties that provide reflective surfaces and prevent surface defects for coating formulations


Borchi® Gol 1473 is stable in water regardless of the pH level.



Borchi® Gol 1473 is recommended for top coats that are cured at room temperature and below 150 °C in solvent- and water-based systems. This solution can also be used in solvent-free systems. Borchi® Gol 1473 can be used in a variety of binders.

  • Physical Characteristics

    AppearanceClear liquid
    Non-volatile contentN/A
    pH4.0 – 7.2 (aqueous solution 1 %)
    Density1.04 g/cm3
    Viscosity500 – 1200 mPa.s ASTM D 2196
    ColorMax. 3 ASTM D 1544
    Refractive IndexN/A


  • Features

    • Improves surface smoothness by reducing orange peel and preventing formation of craters
    • Broad compatibility in various systems
    • Recommended use on top coats that are cured at room temperature and below 150 °C

  • Applications

    • Can be used in a wide variety of binders

  • Dosage

    The recommended dosage is 0.05 to 0.50 % of the total weight of the formulation depending upon the binder system. The exact dosage should be experimentally determined.

  • Storage

    Protect from the effects of weathering and light. Store at temperatures between 5 and 30°C. Once opened, containers should be resealed immediately after each removal of the product to avoid exposure to water and atmospheric moisture as much as possible.

  • Safety

    Please refer to our safety data sheet for information relating to product safety


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